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Who do you turn to when the lights go out?

The right levels are important to your business both in terms of safety for staff and members of the public, but also reflecting the correct image for prospective customers if you operate retail premises.

If the lights fail in an area of your business this can cause great disruption, and when a member of staff attempts to repair the faulty light, there is a risk to their electrical safety. All of our electricians are fully qualified engineers, to the latest standards, and can carry out repairs to all areas of lighting.

We hold a huge stock of the most popular lighting products, and our engineers are equipped with all the correct and safe access equipment to work safely in your premises.

Reactive and Proactive Lighting Maintenance

At Reed M&E we offer a quick and efficient maintenance service, from a regular maintenance programme, to an ad-hoc callout service. Our service ranges from fitting standard fluorescent tubes in offices and factories, to sodium and metal halide lamps in industrial environments. We can access high level environments; if necessary we have contacts to provide access equipment at competitive rates. There are no restrictions on replacement quantities; we have massive stocks available from our wholesalers on a next-day delivery basis.

Value for Money and Quality

When it comes to lighting, you definitely get what you pay for. To prevent unnecessary costs through fitting budget lamps, which require more frequent replacement, our engineers always install high quality Crompton, GE, Osram, Philips and Sylvania branded products. We can also provide high quality compact fluorescent energy efficient lamps for a variety of applications.

Lighting Maintenance

We can provide a survey of your current lighting requirements and draft a maintenance programme to meet your requirements. A programme can be based around a call-out service whereby we respond quickly to a call from a customer, or we visit on a periodic basis (for example, once a month, or 6-weekly) to check your lighting is in full working order. We will then replace any failed lighting, and provide a report where required on any necessary repairs or upgrade.

Many of our customers combine a regular lighting maintenance visit with an emergency lighting test visit. The CIBSE 1994 Interior Lighting Code provides guidance on the regular maintenance of lighting and the minimum light requirements for various work areas.

Average Lamp Life to 50% survival;
Fluorescent tube: 20,000 Hours (with High Frequency Ballasts)
Fluorescent tube: 15,000 Hours (with Switch Start Ballasts)
Metal Halide: 15,000 Hours
Compact Fluorescent: 10,000 Hours
Low Voltage Halogen 4,000 Hours
Tungsten-Halogen 2,000 Hours
Tungsten GLS 1,000 Hours
Source: CIBSE 1994 Interior Lighting Code

WEEE Regulations and Lamp Recycling

The Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive (WEEE Directive) aims to minimise the impact of electrical and electronic goods on the environment by increasing re-use and recycling and reducing the amount of WEEE going to landfill. Any waste collected by our engineers is subject to a WEEE Charge for handling the items and recycling them on your behalf. We can provide a certificate of disposal if required for traceability purposes.

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